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Any brands’ website is its online window to the world. And first (online) impressions count.

Whether it’s a brochure to showcase a company’s products or services, or a powerful sales engine to drive leads and sales volume, it’s critical that your website is harnessed and honed and full of rich content that excites and inspires the audiences you want to buy from you.

And when that all-important visitor finds you, you want to leave a lasting impression that shifts them from visitor to lead, from prospect to customer, from interested observer to passionate advocate.

The importance of SEO for websites

Today, a company’s website performance can truly shape their business performance, so it’s crucial that people can find your website before they start to love it.

A highly effective SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ strategy is crucial to boost website effectiveness, in terms of ensuring it appears as high as possible when people are looking for specific products and services in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Search engines are smart, and the competition is fierce, so if you need help to ensure your beloved website is getting the attention it deserves then get in touch with us to find out how.

Driving traffic through content marketing

We believe that the best ways to drive traffic to websites is through creating and publishing great content that people want to engage with, through every PESO channel a brand has in its armoury.

Integrated marketing – we call it ‘Creative Delivery’ – done well can power traffic to websites like nothing else.

We have numerous tools and tactics we use to help our clients do exactly that, including digital PR and media relations, organic and paid social media marketing, native marketing, sponsored content, email marketing, SEO, link building and outreach marketing.

With so much content available through so many channels in today’s world, it’s crucial that a brand’s content stands out – that it is valuable, relevant and shareable – in order to engage and inspire people.

Creating website landing pages

We don’t design and build websites. However, we know some great agencies that do and we’re more than happy to introduce you to them.

What we can do is help our clients create inspiring, content rich landing pages on their existing websites to help drive customers and prospect to, so we can measure the effectiveness of the digital PR, SEO, social or paid advertising activity we do with them.

Inexperienced marketers will always drive their marketing activity to their brand’s website home page, but that’s not always the optimum for conversion. Specific landing pages can be tailored to a tangible goal, different campaigns or products that are relevant and are often way more likely to help achieve meaningful campaign results.

Creating bespoke landing pages for our campaigns works incredibly well for many of our clients, and the great thing is, their success is measurable.

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We are one of the best digital PR and SEO agencies in the north of England, so if you want to chew the fat or exchange ideas about how you can harness the power of your website we’re always happy to advise you honestly and openly.