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Groups and Forums

Thriving digital and social communities, forums and groups can be incredibly powerful.

They add rocket fuel to brand building, create stronger advocacy from customers and prospects, offer ‘real time’ insights and deliver really meaningful results, including bottom line benefits.

Advances in technology, particularly online, have created new ways to shape and manage brands’ reputations and, in today’s ever-more connected world, social communities, third-party groups and forums can be a valuable part of a truly inter-connected digital PR and marketing strategy for any organisation.

They can also pose a risk if they’re ignored.

As digital PR, marketing and online reputation experts, we help brands understand – and capitalise on – the true power of collaboration with audiences on their own platforms and the many online groups and forums that sit around them.

Leveraging forums for marketing

A powerful integrated marketing strategy, one built with stories and great content at its centre, can leverage social communities, groups and forums to its advantage.

Marketing to social media groups in particular can be a minefield, but we’re here to make the complex simple for the brands whose social communities and forums we connect with.

Great content that inspires the right groups can rally a brands’ supporters, drive strong engagement around new products and services and ultimately fuel business growth. Through groups (for example Facebook group marketing) and forums of all shapes, sizes and topics, we can help brands reach new audiences who are interested in what they do.

It can also enable organisations to reflect their personalities – to show they are good businesses with good people – and in today’s world that’s more important than ever. Having a tone, voice and human element to your brand can maintain and deepen online connections.

When you build a community of advocates online, they can also help protect your brand in difficult times. And in a world where the old ways of brand management don’t work anymore, this can sometimes be all important.

Social media community management

As PR, digital marketing, SEO and social media experts, we’re used to driving great news, stories, and content to the right audiences – in a way that helps our clients’ communities, that entertains them and that inspires trust.

When we do this, we find it helps ensure our digital marketing is authentic, focused and appropriate to these audiences.

However, there’s also a real challenge if social media communities, groups and forums turn on a brand. Our PR experience enables us to help clients handle complex and sometimes negative situations and rebuild reputations that could be damaged. We call it ‘online reputation management’.

Need advice?

We’ve got lots of examples of managing effective social media communities, groups and forums so feel free to get in touch and we can show you how you can make the most of them.