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Paid Social Media Marketing

The power of paid social media marketing cannot be understated in today’s world.

Done right, paid social media strategies can truly revolutionise returns for your business and can deliver compelling results in literally any sector you could possibly imagine.

Whether it’s LinkedIn or Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising – or any social platform that enables paid for investment to reach the right audiences – a paid social media strategy is a must for any business of any size or industry.

Social media advertising is still reasonably cheap to deliver and the ROI is measurable for campaigns which can range from brand building, follower growth, lead generation, video views, recruitment or a whole other host of KPIs.

What is Paid Social Media Marketing?

The days of posting organic content on social media and expecting the world to see it (or go viral) are well and truly over!

Because all major social media platforms use ranking algorithms, it’s true to say that a very small percentage of your followers are likely to see any of your organic posts. The average is around 4%-5.5% of your follower count if you want to work it out?!

This being the case, paid social media marketing plays a crucial role in any modern, successfully integrated marketing strategy.

Facebook advertising – still the reigning champ when it comes to paid social media marketing – is different to advertising on other platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn, so it’s key to work with a social media marketing agency that understands the nuances, platforms, audiences and best practice of all the major channels.

And if you’re looking for an amazing paid social agency, then look no more!

The Benefits of Using Paid Social Media

As well as being an engine to power sales, leads and conversations and engagement, there’s a whole swathe of reasons to consider a paid social media strategy.

Paid social media campaigns can fit budgets big or small, they can be used to boost brand awareness, audience engagement, enhance the power of your content marketing, organic social marketing, digital PR campaigns, SEO activity and deliver to your goals and provide valuable insights among others.

Want to Understand How Social Media Marketing Can Power Your Business?

If you want to chew the fat or exchange ideas about paid social media over a brew, we’re always happy to advise you honestly and openly. Just get in touch!