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Link Building & Outreach

The importance of building high-quality backlinks (we’ll call them ‘links’ for ease!) to your website to improve search engine rankings has never been more important…and it’s not going away any time soon.

Many pure SEO agencies struggle to secure links from high domain authority sites, because content production and outreach isn’t their strongest asset.

As a digital PR and SEO agency, we have strong skills across BOTH areas, which means we can pull out the key insights (things like primary and secondary keywords or search queries), develop inspiring content ideas AND deliver strong outreach required to land high domain authority links.

Why are link building strategies important?

Link building for SEO is critical for modern businesses, particularly those who can sell products or services online.

Put simply, search engines like Google want to index websites to make it easy for people to find exactly what they’re looking for when they enter a search query.

How search engines index or rank isn’t just about the content, as they use hundreds of signals for their algorithm to get it right. It’s also about the credibility of the website, and part of the consideration for crawlers is how authoritative the site is, with the number and quality of links being a critical factor. A backlink from a credible website almost acts as them vouching for your own website.

Although many search engines keep all this algorithm stuff pretty secret, we know for sure that high quality links to your website help you rank better, no matter what sector your organisation is in.

So, it’s key for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that link building strategies, techniques and activity are all aligned.

And that’s where we come in.

What is outreach marketing?

Brilliant content and campaigns that go nowhere are useless. That’s why outreach strategy and outreach marketing are a crucial part of digital PR, brand building and growing high domain backlinks, whether for lead generation or ecommerce SEO purposes.

Just like media relations, building or maintaining relationships with outreach targets such as journalists, bloggers and influencers is a critical part of the outreach marketing process.

And how we sell-in the stories, content and campaign ideas make a huge difference to the performance and ROI of investing in content marketing as a strategy.

We’ve delivered compelling results for brands of all shapes and sizes, often making national media placements for our clients and we’d argue our outreach is up there with the very best outreach marketing agencies in the UK.

The benefits to link building

  • Search engines like Google use them as a key ranking signal – so they’re really important
  • Referral traffic will increase the better your organic SEO profile is – increasing the chance of creating more leads or sales…and money!
  • We can build an established network of online relationships that matter to you, your clients and your audiences, helping SEO and much more
  • It helps create content that has value – not just stuff for the sake of doing stuff! Because it is worth linking to, we have a purpose for creating content that has value to an audience
  • It supports brand building and awareness, which combined with a lead generation strategy, brings long-term as well as short term benefits for businesses
  • It’s measurable and the ROI is provable!

Want to know more about link-building and outreach?

If you want to find out more about creating an effective SEO, link-building and outreach strategy, please get in touch.