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Digital PR

Public relations (PR) has evolved over the years – now we talk about Digital PR – but the core principle remains the same.

  • Great stories sell.
  • People buy things from companies they like and trust.
  • And brand reputation matters now more than ever.

We know what makes news and through digital PR, we work proactively to manage and boost our clients’ brand building and reputation management strategies, earning column inches, online profile and high-quality backlinks that make a genuine difference.

Digital PR is more important than ever as part of your SEO, content marketing, and link building strategies – delivering the best quality, relevant backlinks that make a real, measurable impact (from traffic, authority and even conversions or sales).

Still not convinced? Find out why your business needs digital PR.

Why choose us as your Digital PR agency?

We create impactful Digital PR strategies that:

  • Boost your brand profile, trust and reputation online
  • Increase web traffic, leads and conversions
  • Sell anything, or influence purchase decisions
  • Build links to your website from credible and relevant sources, creating stronger domain authority
  • Improve your overall organic search performance (or authority)
  • Inspire loyalty and brand advocacy from customers and prospects
  • Showcase your organisation as a good business and employer

And the good things is: It’s all measurable!

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR uses the traditions of journalism, PR and storytelling, integrated with strategic planning and the unlimited opportunities online, to drive stories online that improve search engine rankings

As a specialist Digital PR agency, we work with in-house communicators and marketers to understand what makes their businesses tick, what they’re are aiming to achieve and who they want to reach.

Then we go about newsjacking, creating unique news hooks and stories and driving inspiring content campaigns to audiences digitally, helping to earn profile and headlines in TV, radio, print, online, trade media, forums, channels, blogs or podcasts.

There’s always a digital PR channel ‘fit’ for any client in any sector through which we can share content stories, connect with the audiences that matter and earn those all-important links.