Case Studies How we used paid social to drive awareness and boost ticket sales

Using paid social and media relations to drive brand awareness and boost ticket sales.

As events returned to pre-covid conditions in 2022, our charity client – Your Trust – were keen to see their event venues filled with guests, with the aim of returning ticket sales  to pre-pandemic levels.

The client’s focus was to boost awareness of the Christmas pantos taking place at some of their North West venues. In a season full of similar events taking place all over the UK, we had to create a campaign that really stood out from the crowd.

Our key objectives:

  • Generate brand awareness for key events at attraction venues
  • Create an engaging paid social campaign to secure interest
  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Boost conversions on the event’s landing page

The results:

  • A successful paid social campaign with a low budget, exceeding client expectations
  • Landed the client’s first ever feature in a glossy mag, Hello!, with a reach of over 179,000
  • Over 56,000 users directed to the website
  • The Christmas panto landing pages were the highest viewed pages over the course of the paid social campaigns with over 12,000 website sessions

Venue one results:

  • 25% increase in ticket sales YoY
  • 28% increase in ticket income growth YoY
  • 45% growth in direct income YoY (direct to the charity)
  • 83% occupancy for a total of 47 performances

Venue two results:

  • 17% increase in ticket sales YoY
  • 31% increase in ticket income growth from 2021
  • 71% growth in direct income YoY (direct to the charity)
  • 100% occupancy across all performances

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Growth in income


Ecommerce SEO

Increase in ticket sales


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Users directed to the website


Occupancy across all performances

Key services

Content Marketing Strategy

Paid social

Audience Insights
Detailed consumer insights


Media Relations

Media relations

What we did

To ensure we delivered a successful overarching campaign, we delved further into the strategy and insights from our experience to create a solid campaign plan.

We placed a large focus on our chosen audiences as they were the key to driving results. Utilising our audience insights on how certain demographics interacted, behaved and roamed online, as well as across social channels, we were able to build and develop our personas.

Paid social activity:

  • Using our audience personas and the insights gathered on how they behave online, it helped us connect with the right demographic.
  • Multiple ads were created with differing creatives, TOV and demographics so we could monitor and tweak to produce the best performing ad.
  • By narrowing the audience and effectively using the low budget to target those who are most likely to convert, the cost per click averaged at 18p.

Media relations:

  • While the paid social campaigns were proving fruitful, we also pitched interview opportunities with the cast to media and broadcast, to further grow interest and awareness.
  • Numerous features were landed, including the charity’s first glossy mag, Hello!

Detailed consumer insights

  • As a legacy client for us at No Brainer, we’ve worked closely with their internal team for many years, identifying the specific demographics who are most likely to attend their various venues.
  • This research was conducted through user and non-user surveys, as well as audience insights, looking into how their current audience engage online and how we can target those who may not have yet visited their site.
  • We developed numerous audiences, some more niche than others, so each ad set could be catered to their individual interests, behaviours and buying actions to ultimately produce ads that have the consumer at the forefront.

Why was it successful?

  • A thoroughly researched campaign plan was devised from the beginning and was adapted throughout based on regular evaluating processes.
  • Active paid social ads were monitored, reviewed and built on to deliver the best results.
  • The extra exposure from the glossy mag, Hello!, helped boost awareness of the Christmas panto events

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