Case Studies Leveraging theme park fanatics & Digital PR for Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Using Digital PR and influencer marketing to reach billions of users.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach tasked us with securing more online media coverage for the park that reinforced their value proposition and opportunity for visitors to have ‘priceless memories’. With the media landscape awash with news of the cost of living crisis, we leveraged authentic influencers, theme park fanatics and data to reinforce the value of visiting Blackpool Pleasure Beach over the summer months.

Our key objectives:

  • Create brand awareness for key themepark events Hot Ice and Journey to Hell and attract a large volume of visitors to the park
  • Devise campaign ideas to bolster social media presence
  • Land as much coverage as possible in national and regional titles
  • Optimise reactive newsjacking opportunities to build links to the website

The results:

  • 115 pieces of online coverage over a 5-month period
  • 88 links with an average DA of 62
  • 28 national hits including The Mirror, Daily Star and The Sun
  • 35 pieces of additional print coverage
  • 636 billion reach

Pieces of online coverage


Links with an average DA of 62


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Billion users reached

Key services

Content Marketing Strategy
Influencer Marketing


Top coverage

blackpool pleasure beach top coverage

What we did

Our strategy focused around leveraging theme park fanatics, experts and influencers to raise the media profile of the North West’s best theme park, as well as sourcing our own unique data which we could share with the press. We also leveraged No Brainer’s strong media relationships with attractions and travel journalists to secure features for some of the Pleasure Beach’s biggest events, including Hot Ice and Journey to Hell.

Influencer marketing and content creators:

Exclusive data:

  • As Blackpool is a go-to staycation destination, we wanted to get the seaside resort back on our target reader’s minds as the airport chaos kicked off.
  • Using an editorial seed list of the top 30 locations for a staycation in the UK, we used Google keyword data to identify which are the most Googled destinations to create a top ten list of the best Staycation destinations. With this simple reactive story, we landed 10 pieces of coverage including the Express, The Scottish Sun, The Northern Echo and In Your Area.

Why was it successful?

    • In just 5 months, we secured 88 links, 125 pieces of online coverage and 35 pieces of print coverage across our various PR campaigns, which had a total reach of over 1 billion. This high volume of coverage, in conjunction with print coverage and social media promotion from influencers, created vast brand awareness for Blackpool Pleasure Beach and ultimately increased revenue for show tickets and admission fees for the park.


  • National hits and big regional outlets such as the Manchester Evening News were a key priority for our media outreach. We secured 28 national hits over a 5-month period.


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