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Cash Converters

No Brainer is the retained agency for Cash Converters UK, and our remit covers Paid, Earned and Shared tactics including pro-active media relations for both head office and individual franchisees and stores, as well as crisis and reputation management, organic social media, social community management and brand sponsorship activation.
As part of the company’s brand-building activities, and to help target new customer demographics, No Brainer delivered an integrated campaign focused on upcycling, sustainability and bargain-hunting.

As part of this campaign, No Brainer utilised influencer marketing, working with micro-influencers to help promote the ease of selling items at a local Cash Converters store compared to other second-hand marketplaces.

The content consisted of YouTube and Instagram videos and was activated through digital PR, organic social and paid social media.

In just a short period, the campaign achieved:

  • Over 20,500 views on YouTube, leading to increased brand awareness and consideration with a new target demographic
  • 92% positive sentiment with the target demographic achieved through Likes and Comments, including peer-to-peer recommendations and affirmations
  • A significant increase in ecommerce traffic
  • 30% increase of in-store footfall during the month of/immediately after the campaign


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