Case Studies Increasing brand awareness through paid social for a North West attraction

Utilising a paid social campaign to drive brand visibility and increase social engagement

In the lead-up to their grand opening, a new multi-million-pound visitor attraction – Eureka! Science + Discovery – asked us to boost its brand awareness and develop relationships with its end user.

With a saturated market of visitor attractions in the North West, we knew we had to think outside the box and engage with our target demographic in a way they’d respond to best.

Our key objectives:

  • Increase engagement across social channels
  • Expose the brand and its important STEM message to new audiences
  • Deliver a consumer-facing campaign to grow brand loyalty and authenticity
  • Grow their social following and community

The results:

  • A successful paid social campaign with a low budget, delivering results surpassing client expectations.
  • An increase in cross-network followers by over 571% in a month.
  • A total reach of over 130,000 across both organic and paid channels with only a £400 paid budget.
  • Nine media placements picked up on the campaign on the back of the social activity including print, online and broadcast.

The successful campaign ran for only a month but delivered fantastic results that impressed both the Eureka! team, the board of trustees and our amassed following.


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Increase in cross network followers


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Total reach


Media placements

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SEO Strategy
Consumer insights

What we did:

To ensure we were delivering our campaign to the defined audience sets, it was crucial we delved further into the insights of the target demographics we uncovered.

This included monitoring their social movements, the outlets they engaged with, how they sourced their news, and everything in between to build ‘audience personas’ which helped us identify the marketing tools that would resonate with them the most.

Detailed Insights

  • As the demographic for the attraction is under 14s, we had to identify the audience set we can explicitly target across social channels (due to the restrictions of targeting a younger audience).
  • Using insight tools and our own organic research, we were able to identify multiple personas and audience sets that would resonate with the campaign the most.
  • This research was not only done at the beginning but was reviewed and improved throughout the campaign to ensure it was working to its max capacity and delivering the best results throughout.

Paid and Organic Social Media

  • Implementing a paid social campaign, alongside our organic social content, allowed us to boost the activity much further than our current following.
  • Understanding how our target audience engaged with the social channels chosen for the paid activity (Facebook and Instagram) enabled us to cater the content for the best chance of engagement.
  • We ran multiple paid social ads alongside each other, targeting the different audiences we identified to ensure we achieved the greatest results.
  • The campaign was so impactful it was featured in multiple media outlets without the need for dedicated PR outreach.

Referral traffic from media placements

  • We had already built strong relationships with regional and national media outlets surrounding the opening of the highly anticipated opening of the visitor attraction, so this proved fruitful in sharing future campaigns.
  • This resulted in a total of nine media placements, all of which created their own news story from the organic and paid social activity, helped drive users to our social channels and many including direct links.

Why was it successful?

  • A structured and comprehensive campaign plan ensured we delivered on expectations from the outset and throughout.
  • Active paid social ads were monitored, reviewed, and tweaked if needed to deliver the best results.
  • The extra support from media outlets ensured a wider exposure of the brand and the overarching engagement of the competition.
  • A coveted mention in a prime-time news slot with ITV Granada.
  • Resulting in a 1,832% increase in engagements

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