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Social media has the power to make and break brands. It can rally national consciousness. It can drive incredible consumer awareness and engagement. It can, at times, be overwhelming.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn – as well as a plethora of other channels – mean consumers can give a true (and sometimes false!) account of a company or brand at the touch of a button…sometimes all it can take is just 140 characters.

Increasing consumer empowerment means managing a company’s social media presence has become more important than ever and, with so much information available at people’s fingertips, it’s vital companies find ways to cut through the ‘noise’.

The good news is it’s achievable, it’s not rocket science and brands have more autonomy than ever to tell their stories through social.

We work with our clients to develop creative social campaigns and ideas that fulfil their objectives. Campaigns that create a conversational, authentic connection with the people they serve and the audiences they want to reach.

Whether companies need social media to strengthen their search engine profiles, elevate their brand, build credibility and trust, champion campaigns, launch targeted outreach programmes, partner with influencers to co-create or develop push or pull content that draws people to their websites…. we help them achieve it.

Our team of experts will also coordinate all of your paid social media campaigns to ensure your content gets seen and we’ll make sure every penny of your budget is put to good use.

To see how we’ve made social media work for other brands, take a look at our Scrapbook here…

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Feel free to get in touch with us through social media any time and we’ll happily exchange views or arrange to meet up (despite social media and email, nothing beats a good bit of face time!). We’re on most social channels and a list of those is at the foot of this page to make it nice and easy! Failing that, visit or follow our blog where we talk about some of this stuff:

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