Google knows more about you than [insert name of anyone you know here]

My wife Lisa would claim to know more about me than anyone else (except maybe my mum), but I’ll let you into a secret…. neither of them know more about me than Google.

Google knows where I am right now. My wife currently doesn’t. She thinks I’m busy working (which arguably I am as I’m writing this!). Google tracks my location and I let it.

Google knows what I care about, my political persuasion (something I don’t even tell my wife) and the issues that matter to my family and me.

Google knows that Megan Fox and Monica are on my “freebie” list (look it up!). My mum still thinks Jet from Gladiators floats my boat.

It knows I’m a Leeds United fan and that I have a love/hate relationship with the club! It knows that I’m desperate for them to get back to the big time so I can have some, albeit poor, football banter with the lads again.

It knows where I live, when I leave and when I’m home.

It knows where I work. It knows all my clients – I search them all several times a day. It knows the people I want to come and work with us.

It knows that I’m not sure if I should bow to the pressure and buy my kids a new dog (one that’s not fluffy or cute so I don’t look stupid when I inevitably have to walk it!). It knows the houses I like. The cars I like. How much I pay for everything. It knows about the people and brands I care about. The list is endless.

How can brands harness the power of Google?

The power of Google as a gateway to brands and audiences is incredible – the data it holds about me – and the macro it holds about you and everyone else – is unparalleled – the video shows just how much actually goes into that!

And all this data is incredibly valuable, which is why Google is a multi-billion dollar company and brands are desperate to maximise its benefits.

All that data is also usable. It’s incredibly valuable and companies and brands have to tap into it in order to take advantage.

Right now, every brand – big or small – has the opportunity to maximise their reach to existing and potential customers and achieve high organic visibility…simply by telling their stories better online.

Using data and analytics, we devise highly creative campaigns that resonate with our client’s target audiences (and we have the data to prove it!)

If you need help working it all out, get in touch and let us know. The thing is it’ll probably know you intend to get in touch with us before we do.

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